Concord Terrazzo Company: Now an Associate Member of the NTMA

NTMA Associate Membership

Now an Associate Member of the NTMA


Last month in September, Concord Terrazzo Company officially became an associate member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association. Our chief executive officer attended the NTMA Technical Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia, and came back to Charlotte, North Carolina with some great news. As of today, TERRAZZCO® Brand Products is listed as a manufacturer in three categories: Precast products, thin-set epoxy resin, and aggregates.

What is the NTMA?

The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association is a great resource for those who are seeking more information about terrazzo. The association determines the national standards for all terrazzo surfaces. If you have a moment to head over the NTMA website, you will find specifications for terrazzo systems, installation photos from terrazzo contractors, and other literature that focuses on the value of terrazzo in today’s architectural and design communities.


In order to become an associate member, a terrazzo contractor’s products must adhere to the association’s standards. TERRAZZCO® Brand Products have met these standards over the past year. Architects, designers, and other terrazzo contractors have the opportunity to reach out to us to include our precast, aggregates, or epoxy resin in their terrazzo installations.

Why Choose TERRAZZCO as your terrazzo supplier and manufacturer?

Why choose TERRAZZCO®? Over the years we have valued innovation, continuously researching and developing ways to improve our products that provide the ultimate flooring experience for years to come. We have a sense of duty to distribute our products that will benefit not only the environment but also the communities in which our products are used. One of TERRAZZCO’s goals is to be a customer-centric business, providing architects and designers with all their terrazzo product needs under one location, solving their needs to add a durable, sustainable, and low maintenance flooring system for new construction and renovation projects. As a result, we intend to listen to our customer’s needs while hoping to reduce the hassle of locating materials and reduce the completion time for any terrazzo project. We like to thank the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association for making us an associated member of their organization.

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