River Rock and Crushed Stone Ideas for Landscaping and Terrazzo

River Rock and Crushed Stone Ideas for Landscaping and Terrazzo Projects

River Rock and Crushed Stone Ideas for Landscaping and Terrazzo

At Concord Terrazzo Company, we offer pebble aggregates (river rock) and crushed stone to help you build your landscaping project or terrazzo designs. In this blog, we will discuss how river rocks and crushed stones are ideal for terrazzo, and the benefits they have in landscaping jobs.

Aggregates We Crush at Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc.


Marble Aggregates

Marble aggregates come in a large and diverse selection all around the world. Each quarry is different, producing its own vibrant colors to be used in terrazzo flooring and landscaping. These marble aggregates can be crushed into several sizes to meet your project needs.


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Bulk Marble Chips
Terrazzo White Marble Chips

River Rock

Pebbles (river rock) are primarily found in two locations – around the beach, and in lakes and ponds. Compared to marble chips, they are smoother and more round. However, for centuries pebbles can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications and are known for their textured look and colors. Like marble chips, pebbles rocks can be crushed into several sizes.


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Pebble Aggregate

Applications: Terrazzo

Marble Chips in Terrazzo Floors

For centuries, marble is the traditional source of aggregates for terrazzo designs. During the 15th century, Venetian construction workers built inexpensive terraces using scrap pieces of marble. Today marble chips can be combined with a cement or epoxy matrix to develop terrazzo flooring, stairs or countertops.


A finished terrazzo floor has a minimum of 70% chip density on the surface. White and black marble chips are commonly used in today’s terrazzo designs, but there are marble chips of any color crushed in any size that can give a terrazzo floor a one-of-a-kind appearance. Terrazzo is a proven solution that gives buildings durable and aesthetically-appealing floors for many years.

TERRAZZCO Pure White Marble Chip

White Marble Chip

TERRAZZCO Pure White Terrazzo

White Terrazzo

TERRAZZCO Glacier Black Marble Chip

Glacier Black Marble Chip

Glacier Black Terrazzo Sample

Glacier Black Terrazzo

Marble Chips + TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158

Marble chips can be mixed with TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 to create a highly durable, low maintenance, and decorative flooring system. Here are some examples of terrazzo floors consisting of marble chips.

Marble Aggregate in Terrazzo Floors
Marble Chips in Terrazzo

Pebbles Chips in Terrazzo Floors

Pebbles (River Rock) are another aggregate option you can use in your terrazzo designs. They are less likely to be used over marble chips in today’s flooring designs but they offer their own unique appearances taking on a much rounder form.

TERRAZZCO Golden Brown Pebbles

Golden Brown Pebble Chip

TERRAZZCO Golden Brown Pebbles Terrazzo Sample

Golden Brown Pebble Terrazzo

TERRAZZCO Chocolate Pebbles

Chocolate Brown Pebble Chip

Brown Pebbles Terrazzo

Chocolate Brown Pebble Terrazzo

When installing epoxy terrazzo (best for indoor applications), pebbles can be added to the design for a smooth and polished surface. Here are some examples of terrazzo flooring consisting of pebble chips and TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158.

Pebble Aggregate in Terrazzo Flooring

Golden Brown Pebble Terrazzo

Terrazzo Pebble Aggregate

Chocolate Brown Pebble Terrazzo

Washed Terrazzo

Pebbles can also be used be outdoors in washed terrazzo applications, a cement terrazzo design used to create walkways, patios, plant containers, and other outdoor applications.


If you are looking for a flooring system with high strengths and a slip-resistant textured surface, a washed pebble system could be ideal.

Washed Terrazzo

Applications: Landscaping


Pebble Rocks for Landscaping Projects

You can use pebble rocks to create pavements or gardens. A great investment, pebble rocks are guaranteed to last longer than materials like mulch, pine needles, and straw. Also, pebbles are easy to apply.


Pebbles are smooth all around and retain their colors over the years. This is advantageous over mulch that becomes depleted within months. Pebble also helps with erosion.


Additional benefits of using river rocks for a landscaping project include its stationary movement and inability to decompose with the soils.  Concord Terrazzo Company currently supplies TERRAZZCO Chocolate Brown Pebbles and Golden Brown Pebbles.

Crushed Stone for Landscaping Projects

Crushed marble chips are durable and can greatly enhance the appearance of your landscaping project. Crushed marble stones are be crushed into oversized material which is easy to install and easy to maintain well after it’s been placed.


The great thing about crushed stone is that there are a variety of colors to select from. From whites to yellows, to browns and grays, there is something for everyone.

White Marble Landscaping

When placed properly crushed stone can direct water away from buildings which can help owners save on repairs that may occur later on.


If you are worried about critters, then crushed stone can be useful in deterring animals from approaching your walkways and gardens.


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