We offer a cost-effective waterjet cutting service for terrazzo designs, metals and more.


Concord Terrazzo Company offers a waterjet cutting service for any construction project, including terrazzo floors and public art fabrications.


Waterjets quicky cuts materials using a high-pressure stream of water and abrasive. Waterjets are preferred over other methods where materials are sensitive to high temperatures. Our design team can cut out foams, metal pieces, and other objects with our advanced waterjet technology.


Focusing on quality and accuracy, we can quickly turnaround a custom design that meets our customer’s needs.

Waterjet Cutting Template for Terrazzo Flooring

How the Waterjet Works


A waterjet is a tool that can cut through materials with a high-pressure stream of water. The Concord Terrazzo Company’s waterjet design team can create an assortment of designs with the waterjet machine. The waterjet cuts common metals such as aluminum or brass.


To begin the process a sheet of metal is placed in the bed of the machine. The waterjet designer adds an abrasive to help the waterjet stream cut hard materials. Waterjet cutting does not heat, harden or distort metals.


Coordinates are programmed for the waterjet machine to read.


The waterjet pierces through the material and forms a contour of the desired shape.


The estimated time for completion depends on the size and shape of each project. The process can take as little as 10 minutes or up to 8 hours for a single design.


Our waterjet cutting service brings out the very best for your design.


With waterjet technology, shapes into which terrazzo are poured are cut precisely. This is ideal for designers looking to replicate an exact match to their original designs no matter how complex the shapes are. Terrazzo waterjet logos and designs are possible with its design flexibility.

Waterjet Programming
Waterjet Cutting
Waterjet Design

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting


Waterjet cutting provides an economical way to provide a unique design to any project, including signage and terrazzo floors. Able to cut any 2D shape with a wide range of building materials, waterjet cutting provides a detailed result with no distortion or deleterious effects. While we specialize in terrazzo designs, we cater to other industries as well. Our waterjet can cut materials at a varying thickness up to 18 inches.


Waterjet cutting produces highly durable parts from sheet metals suited for any flooring project.

Material Selection

Cut a variety of sheet metals to create a layout for your project.

Fast Turnaround

Waterjet designs can be programmed, produced and shipped in a matter of days.

Custom Finishes

If you can draw it, we can create it. Design possibilities are endless.


Order single or multiple parts, all cut accurately to specified design requirements.



Send us your drawing files and we will convert them into waterjet logos and designs.

American Legion
American Legion Waterjet Template
American Legion Terrazzo Logo
Tiger Logo
Terrazzo Tiger Logo
Leander Logo
Cincinatti logo
Cincinatti Floor Layout
Cincinnati Logo



Concord Terrazzo Compay’s waterjet team works with architects and artists from concept to creation, resulting in waterjet design masterpieces. Concord Terrazzo Company provides excellence in custom precision cutting designing custom templates for logos, signs and other creative floor patterns.


We provide design consultation, CAD, and fabrication assistance to any art project or installation. Ideal for art in public place projects, and hospitality, commercial, and institutional projects.


Ready to Get Started?


Mockup Waterjet Piece

Terrazzo Designs


Concord Terrazzo Company is a terrazzo materials supplier, and we specialize in delivering high-quality design options for architects and construction professionals.


Design flexibility is one of terrazzo flooring’s most appealing attributes. Architects and designers can not only select any color and chip pattern they want in their terrazzo design, but the use of strip designs and waterjet cut logos also allows them to add a customized touch to any flooring surface.


Simple design layouts can be installed in the field using standard terrazzo divider strips but when an architect or owner wants a more detailed and intricate floor pattern, the best way to achieve this is with waterjet cut patterns.


Sheets of metal such as aluminum and brass or terrazzo itself can be cut to any size and shape by Concord Terrazzo Company’s waterjet design team.


School emblems, mascots, restaurant and retail logos, city seals or decorative pieces of art can be laid seamlessly on the terrazzo floor surface. Directional aids can also be incorporated into the flooring to guide travelers in airports and other transportation centers. Our designers can also work with artists who want to turn the terrazzo floor surfaces into a canvas such as in Art in Public Spaces programs.


Consult a Concord Terrazzo Company specialist today so we can turn your vision into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is walked upon for decades to come.

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