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Design Build With Terrazzo

Architect-Led Design-Build and Contractor-Led Design Build are becoming one of the fastest project delivery methods in the construction and design industry. In 2011 studies have shown that design-build projects were used in about 40% of non-residential construction projects with projections on the rise in recent years. We’ll examine how owners can use the design-build model when working with terrazzo to successfully build schools, hospitals, office buildings and other commercial projects in the United States.

What is Design-Build?


Design-Build is an alternative to the design-bid-build model that allows owners to have full control over their projects from the initial concept through completion. In the project delivery method, the owner will manage a single contract from the start. All the responsibility is given to the design-build team who coordinates the design and construction phases completing projects faster, more cost-effectively and at a better quality.


Traditional project delivery raises causes for concern for the owners. Instead of handling one contract, owners manage two separate contracts – one for the construction and one for design. Owners serve as the middleman between the two sides and can get involved in disputes between the two parties when the project goes wrong. By going with a design-build plan from the start, the owner can form a unified team that encourages collaborative problem-solving and innovation. This is a sure way to reduce the number of change orders and any excess costs.

Design Build Terrazzo
Custom Terrazzo Stairs

Advantages of Using Terrazzo for Design Build Construction


The best terrazzo ideas are born under a design-build model. There are huge advantages for both the owner and architects that address the need for reduced costs and faster completion, while delivering a customized product at a high quality.

Owner and Architect Benefits


  • Sole Reponsibility: Design-Build teams are responsible for the cost, schedule, and performance of a project reducing the owner’s risk.


  • Cost Savings: Builders know what everything will cost for a project. Budgets are easily established early on during the planning stage. Money is often saved along the way as terrazzo representatives can recommend budget-friendly options in developing a design.


  • Faster Delivery: A collaborative process ensure project deadlines are met without much hassle. A single-source supplier like TERRAZZCO can help architects find everything they need for a terrazzo projects without having to source materials from multiple locations costing them time and reducing quality control over the product.


  • Better Quality: Teams can create designs in a collaborative manner having the flexibility and innovation to create a highly decorative and high performing terrazzo surface.


  • Higher Profit Margins: Architects can control the overall cost for materials and reduce delays meaning ability to meet budget goals and earning more from each design build project.


  • Reduced Litigation Claims: Architects who work on design build projects often see a reduction in ligitaion claims from contractors.

Working with TERRAZZCO on your next Design Build project.


At Concord Terrazzo Company we understand that delivering a high-quality product on time and on budget satisfies our clients. Architects can benefit from our single-source supply model to complete a project successfully.


Concord Terrazzo Company supplies all the material you need for a terrazzo project under the TERRAZZCO Brand. No other terrazzo contractor has the capabilities to produce epoxy resins, crush aggregates in-house, manufacture precast terrazzo products, provide waterjet logos and designs and have a dedicated samples department than we do.

Design Build Terrazzo Flooring

A Trusted Partner


Time issues cost money. Quality issues mean delays. Concord Terrazzo Company makes sure none of that happens when architects work with TERRAZZCO materials. With all products under one roof, we allow architects total quality control over the entire product during the design phase to the installation phase. If architects are looking to specify epoxy terrazzo or precast, they can do so with ease and surety of the product. A single-source model minimizes their efforts of sourcing materials from several terrazzo companies. Concord Terrazzo Company representatives are adaptable to any architect’s design ideas collaboratively working to find the right solutions, providing great value and doing so in a timely manner.

Terrazzo Design Build

We’ll Collaborate with You


Concord Terrazzo Company has experts with decades of experience working with terrazzo. Our team can answer any detailed questions you have about the building material.


We work with architects closely to bring their visions to life. We collaborate with architects to look at floor plans, review product drawings, discuss color and aggregate options, and manage budget costs. Our representatives focus on providing all the necessary information for you to create a comprehensive plan that you can execute on time and on budget.

Seamless white epoxy terrazzo finish at institutional building

Our Products are Flexible


Aside from having all the materials on-hand to help you build your next project, TERRAZZCO Brand Products are flexible. Products are fully customizable to meet your needs. Our representatives can discuss with you how to create the perfect solution for your flooring, countertop, and stair designs.


Our team is quick to adapt to changes. Once a design is approved, we move quickly to the production phase and work diligently to have materials ready to install on schedule.


Learn More about TERRAZZCO’s Single-Source Model

From epoxy resin, aggregates, and precast terrazzo, we have all the materials you need to complete an design-build project successfully.