Terrazzo Stair Treads


Concord Precast Terrazzo helps architects and designers create custom terrazzo stair treads in varying sizes and thicknesses.


Built to fit any style of staircase. Our high-performance terrazzo stairs are easy to install with high resistance to abrasion and high slip resistance.

Terrazzo Stair Tread
Terrazzo Stairs

Why TERRAZZCO Terrazzo Stair Treads?

Stair treads are the horizontal portion of a staircase, which can be poured in place or fabricated in precast form. All TERRAZZCO products are durable, stable, and slip-resistant, with abrasive channels cut into treads and filled with TERRAZZCO epoxy resin and silicon carbide.


In addition to its durability, terrazzo is adaptable for all staircase styles. Treads can be cut with straight edges, round edges, or other variations to fit your design needs.


Through our custom solutions, we collaborate with architects and designers to deliver precast materials within their project schedules and we’ll suggest cost-effective and environmentally-friendly options. Let us help you design a durable and beautiful terrazzo staircase.

Stair Treads Customization

Size and Thickness Options
Minimum Tread Length 36" Minimum Tread Length
Tread Sizes Custom Sizes Available
Thickness Thickness varies based on stair tread length
Tread Color Any epoxy color using TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158
Abrasive Channels 0-3

Product Documentation

Product Data Download
Standard Stair Treads
3-Part Specification Download
Precast Terrazzo Specification - TERRAZZCO (PDF)
Precast Terrazzo Specification - TERRAZZCO (MS Word)
Precast Installation Guidelines Download
Installation Guide - Tile & Stairs
CAD Drawings - General Examples Download
Terrazzo Treads - Structure Supported
Terrazzo Treads - Structure Supported 2
Terrazzo Stair Tread Design
Terrazzo Stair Tread

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