Add functionality and design for government buildings and public safety centers with epoxy terrazzo. Build a custom floor with TERRAZZCO.

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Epoxy terrazzo has been the flooring system of choice for municipal buildings, city and town halls, and administration centers for years.


When designing a building that is meant to last for centuries, architects can rely on terrazzo as a timeless and versatile floor finish.

How Epoxy Terrazzo Benefits Government Buildings

  • Durable floor finish for high-traffic areas
  • Most cost-effective flooring system due to low maintenance costs over the lifecycle
  • Design flexibility to create professional spaces and even include logos and seals
  • Ability to match the precast base and stairs to the epoxy terrazzo floor
  • Quick installation covering large areas of space, reducing project duration
  • Meets LEED criteria with recycled contents and regionally sourced materials
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain floor finish
  • Safe walkways with slip-resistant floors
  • Zero VOCs for healthy indoor environments
  • Prevention and spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew


Government Building Terrazzo Flooring

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Strength and Durability

Floors installed utilizing TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy epoxy resin will have the benefit of a lifetime flooring system. This means that the beautiful flooring surface will be walked on by the visitors and employees for as long as the building is in operation.


Terrazzo’s durable surface leads to the most cost-effective flooring option in the construction market today. The maintenance of the floors consists of daily cleaning and periodic resealing meaning public entryways and corridors never need to be shut down for repair and replacement.


When looking for a flooring system to withstand the test of time, epoxy terrazzo is the right choice for government buildings.

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Low Maintenance

Installing epoxy terrazzo reduces the maintenance costs for building owners throughout the lifespan of the surface. That is because terrazzo floors are easy to clean and easy to maintain without repair nor replacement.


Keep a building space looking immaculate with daily cleaning. Maintenance can be done during off business hours so daily activities and operations are never disrupted. Custodial staff can use a mop and a bucket of warm water to clean a terrazzo surface daily.

Design Aesthetics

Design flexibility also adds to the designer’s and the architect’s ability to customizer the floor within any public structure. Custom logos can be laid out using standard aluminum divider strips that are cut by waterjet machines. These intricate metal designs that are then installed along with the terrazzo topping.


Terrazzo enhances the overall beauty of a government building. The options are limitless when it comes to designing a terrazzo floor.


By selecting any number of aggregates and colors for a design, government buildings can have an aesthetically impressive and lasting floor design for many years to come.

Suffolk Municipal Center - Terrazzo

Sustainability and Air Quality

LEED points are a huge factor in today’s environmentally-conscious building designs.


Because terrazzo can incorporate recycled and locally-sourced materials into its flooring mix, this makes terrazzo a perfect option for contributing to LEED points and U.S. Green Building Council guidelines.


TERRAZZCO epoxy resin products have zero VOCs and have no off-gassing once installed which is a key factor in maintaining a healthy government facility environment.

Government Building - Terrazzo Floors
Government Center Terrazzo Flooring
Suffolk Municipal Center - Terrazzo Flooring
Government Building
Government Building
Government Building
Government Building
Government Building
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