Groutless Epoxy Terrazzo


October 4, 2018

New Groutless Epoxy Latest Addition to TERRAZZCO


Charlotte, North Carolina — Concord Terrazzo Company is pleased to introduce Groutless™ EZPour Epoxy 158 to our line of TERRAZZCO Brand epoxy resin products.


Groutless™ is a grout-less epoxy, reducing the amount of grouting during a terrazzo installation


Applied Green Technologies, a terrazzo contractor in Miami, Florida, tested the new epoxy in a trial run. The results were conclusive. AGT installers did not find any pinholes, thus not needing to grout the terrazzo floor.


Grouting is an important process of a terrazzo installation as filling in pinholes is necessary to achieve a non-porous and uniform surface. Terrazzo installers apply an epoxy-based material matching the color of the designated area to cover the pinholes.


With Groutless™ EZPour Epoxy 158, the product reduces the duration of time to complete a terrazzo floor for construction projects but also reduces material costs as well. Concord Terrazzo Company continues to research and develop new ways to improve our products for use in the terrazzo industry exceeding customer expectations when a finished floor is installed.


All TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy products were certified GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold in September 2018. These products were tested and proven to have low chemical emissions, thus improving overall indoor air quality in buildings that use TERRAZZCO® products.


For inquiries about Groutless™, email us at or complete our online form.


The W Hotel Miami (below) is one project using Groutless™ today:


Groutless W Hotel Miami - Groutless Terrazzo