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A quality recreation center is a valuable asset in any community. Recreation centers often serve as a hub for the youth, families, and community events. As a result, recreation centers provide adequate activities and a beautiful establishment to bring people together.


To meet the demands for high traffic volumes, there’s no better flooring choice than epoxy terrazzo.


Epoxy terrazzo is a versatile building material that crafts durable, low maintenance and aesthetically-beautiful facilities.

How Epoxy Terrazzo Benefits Recreation Centers

  • Durable floor finish for high-traffic areas
  • Most cost-effective flooring system due to low maintenance costs over lifecycle
  • Design flexibility to create decorative floor patterns or embed logos
  • Ability to match the precast base and stairs to the epoxy terrazzo floor
  • Quick installation covering large areas of space, reducing project duration
  • Meets LEED criteria with recycled contents and regionally sourced materials
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain floor finish
  • Safe walkways with slip-resistant floors
  • Zero VOCs for healthy indoor environments
  • Prevention and spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew


Fitness Center - Terrazzo Flooring

Learn More on How Terrazzo Impacts Recreational Centers


Epoxy terrazzo is ideal for recreation center areas experiencing a great deal of traffic daily.


With building owners looking to reduce maintenance costs longterm, epoxy terrazzo fits the bill as a longlasting flooring system with minimal repairs and replacements.


The total cost of flooring for traditional flooring systems can exceed 35 times the initial costs.

Ease of Maintenance

Epoxy terrazzo is favorable not only for its durability and design but also for its ease of maintenance.


Caring for a terrazzo floor is simple and easy to clean. Custodial staff can use a mop and bucket of warm water to perform daily routine cleaning.


Epoxy terrazzo floors do not easily stain, crack or chip in its lifecycle; therefore, saving building owners on maintenance costs.


Terrazzo earns its recognition as a fully customizable flooring system. Not only can architects incorporate terrazzo as a floor finish, but they can utilize the material for countertops, walls and other products.


The design flexibility of terrazzo is limitless. Architects can select any number of marble, glass, shell or porcelain chips in virtually any epoxy resin color. They also have the capability to add decorative flooring patterns or logos.


Architects can earn LEED points when adding epoxy terrazzo in recreational facilities.


Created during the 15th century, terrazzo was created by the reuse of scrap materials. Today architects have a wide selection of recycled content to include in their terrazzo designs. Recycled contents may consist of post-industrial recycled glass aggregates and recycled aluminum divider strips.


Sourcing material regionally also contributes to LEED points. Selecting materials within 500 miles of a project’s site will satisfy the criteria for sustainable building projects.

Air Quality

Recreation centers promote health and wellness in their communities. When tasked to design recreational facilities, architects seek building materials that contribute to these goals.


Epoxy terrazzo contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which emit no off-gassing during the cure and after installation of the floor finish. As a result, recreation centers benefit from improved air quality.


As a nonporous flooring system, terrazzo also does not support the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Williams Farm Community Recreation Center - Terrazzo Flooring
Coastal Carolina University - Terrazzo Flooring
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Coastal Carolina University - Terrazzo Flooring


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