Elevate the in-store experience with terrazzo. Design a customized floor for retail spaces that reflects your brand and improve your sales.

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As brands look to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, retail locations can use terrazzo design to engage customers and keep them coming back!


Terrazzo is the perfect flooring solution for malls, department stores, and other retail locations mainly for its durability, beautiful aesthetics and low maintenance.

How Epoxy Terrazzo Benefits Retail

  • Durable floor finish for high-traffic areas
  • Most cost-effective flooring system due to low maintenance costs over lifecycle
  • Design flexibility to create attractive store designs with the opportunity to involve branded logos
  • Ability to match the precast base and countertops to the epoxy terrazzo floor
  • Quick installation covering large areas of space, reducing project duration
  • Meets LEED criteria with recycled contents and regionally sourced materials
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain floor finish
  • Safe walkways with slip-resistant floors
  • Zero VOCs for healthy indoor environments
  • Prevention and spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew


Airport Retail - Terrazzo Flooring

Learn More on How Terrazzo Impacts Retail Stores

Performance and Durability in Retail

The strength and durability of terrazzo are great for retail stores facing high levels of traffic.


Other flooring systems require more maintenance over time than an epoxy terrazzo floor. Because terrazzo can last decades without repair nor replacement, it is the most cost-effective flooring system available.


Retail stores experiencing daily traffic is bound to experience wear and tear in their flooring systems, but with epoxy terrazzo, the surface will typically last the lifetime of the building.

Ease of Maintenance

Retail locations benefit from having a low maintenance flooring system like epoxy terrazzo.


Daily maintenance routines require a mop and bucket of warm water. Cleaning can be conducted before and after store hours to remove dirt and debris.


A seamless terrazzo floor also prevents the growth and spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew, beneficial in keeping retail locations sanitary and clean.

Design Flexibility

The retail experience is everchanging. Stores are no longer about the products. It’s now prevalent that stores focus on the relationship between the brand and the customer. To revive the shopping experience, brands are listening to their customer base and creating an indoor environment like no other.


Malls, department stores, and other retail locations are finding use in terrazzo design to draw in traffic and increase product sales.


Terrazzo allows architects and designers the flexibility to create eye-catching displays that incorporate branding and a wide range of colors in flooring design. Terrazzo offers endless possibilities with an assortment of colors, graphics, and patterns. Through design, the store experience can enhance the perception of a product’s quality.

Retail Store with Epoxy Terrazzo Logo at Entrance of Building


As consumers continue to move towards using sustainable-friendly products, brands in response are taking the necessary measures to address their business practices to align more with what is considered healthy for the consumers.


Brands can make changes to their store concepts to leverage sustainability. Epoxy terrazzo is one of the greenest building materials when designing the interiors of a retail location.


Terrazzo manages resources well by taking waste chips and reusing them in terrazzo designs. Architects can source materials locally as well to reduce the carbon footprint. Together both recycled contents and regionally-sourced materials can contribute to LEED points under the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system.

American Girl Retail Store
American Girl Terrazzo Flooring
American Girl Terrazzo Flooring
Retail Stores that Used TERRAZZCO Products
Retail Stores that Used TERRAZZCO Products
Retail Stores that Used TERRAZZCO Products
Retail Stores that Used TERRAZZCO Products
Retail Stores that Used TERRAZZCO Products


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