Terrazzo Aggregate Shape Designs

Endless Possibilities: Terrazzo Aggregate Shape Designs


Endless Possibilities: Terrazzo Aggregate Shape Designs


When selecting an aggregate for a terrazzo floor, the color and size of the aggregate play an important role in the overall mix design. But did you know that aggregates can be crushed down into different shapes, which can offer different appearances all with the same material?


Construction Aggregate Shapes


There are endless possibilities when it comes to a terrazzo design. Designers can look through a variety of marble or recycled glass chips to find a color they truly desire. Aggregates can also be broken down into various sizes. In the terrazzo industry, aggregates come in three major sizes: 0, 1, and 2; zero being the smallest of the sizes and 2 being the largest.  Designers have more options than ever before. Venetian chips size 3 through 8, are trending in today’s architecture and design world.


But for this blog post, we will address how different crushing techniques can bring new ideas and new design opportunities. We took one of our popular terrazzo aggregates, Frozen Blue, and crushed it under a jaw crusher and a cone crusher.


Terrazzo Aggregate Shapes


Cone Crusher

When aggregate is fed into the cone crusher, the material moves around in a circuit. As aggregates flow through the machine in a circular motion, the cone crusher squeezes and crushes the material until the particles are small enough to pass through the end of the machine. The result is a round-shaped terrazzo chip.


Jaw Crusher

Like the cone crusher, the jaw crusher reduces the size of the aggregate but uses a technique where the material moves through two plates or jaws. Acting like teeth, the material gradually is reduced to a size small enough to pass through the crusher’s opening. In contrast to the cone crusher, the jaw-crushed terrazzo chip is more elongated and jagged in appearance.


There are different crushing devices available in the terrazzo industry, each providing variations in the overall terrazzo design. Please contact a local terrazzo contractor to learn more.


Jaw vs Cone Crusher Aggregates


Using Different Aggregate Shapes in a Terrazzo Design

In the following Frozen Blue terrazzo samples, you will notice the jaw-shaped aggregates and the cone-shaped aggregates. While they look identical from afar, you will notice there are more longer-shaped aggregates in the jaw-shaped terrazzo design whereas there are more rounded-shaped aggregates in the cone-shaped terrazzo design. Concord Terrazzo Company provides samples to the architectural and design communities. Want to see the difference for yourself? Request terrazzo samples by filling out a request form here: Request a terrazzo sample


Jaw Crush vs Cone Crush