Terrazzo Flooring in Miami, FL

Miami Florida

When reviewing the best value in commercial flooring in Miami, architects and contractors specify terrazzo. With the high demand for green building materials in architectural designs, terrazzo aligns well with design goals. Overall terrazzo is preferred among Miami architects for its lasting durability, low maintenance costs, and extraordinary designs.


When exploring South Beach Miami’s Historic Art Deco Buildings, you’ll notice that nothing stands the test of time like terrazzo. Terrazzo’s popularity first took off during the Art Deco and Art Moderne movements of the 1920s and has reemerged due to its sustainable features. Miami is a center for culture, entertainment, and international trade. It is also one of America’s cleanest cities with plenty of green spaces, clean air, and citywide recycling programs. Where can you find terrazzo in Miami? Along South Beach, you will notice interior and exterior applications for terrazzo. Terrazzo really holds up after a hurricane season. You will also find terrazzo at the Miami International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world with over 35 million passengers a year, cultural destinations like Zoo Miami, and throughout many of the nightlife destinations.


At Concord Terrazzo Company, we are a single-source terrazzo company supplying aggregates, epoxy resin products, and precast terrazzo applications. If you are looking to use green terrazzo material for your next project, let us help you design a relaxing and healthy indoor environment for your schools, hospitals, and cultural destinations.

The Benefits of Using Terrazzo in Green Building Projects in Miami


Terrazzo is built to last. New technologies and advancements over the decades have led terrazzo to act stronger and showcase wider color palettes than other flooring systems. When terrazzo was first created, it required Venetian marble workers to reuse scrap material and glaze it using goat milk.  But the one thing to remember is that back then it was created as an inexpensive flooring system. The same holds true today. Epoxy terrazzo has the lowest lifecycle cost in flooring. When examining flooring materials for your next project, here are some key attributes to know about epoxy terrazzo:


  • Flooring lifespan outlasts the building
  • Increases the value of the property with minimal maintenance and repair
  • Unlimited design possibilities to explore
  • Improves overall indoor air quality with zero chemical emissions

About Us


→ TERRAZZCO Brand Products was founded in the early 2000s. Annually TERRAZZCO Brand Products is specified in over 100 commercial projects.


→ Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. We provide resources for architects and designers looking to explore more about epoxy terrazzo. Message us with your questions and our team of experts will assist you. Email us at info@terrazzco.com.


→ TERRAZZCO is a true single-source supplier in terrazzo offering architects and contractors epoxy resins, aggregates and precast terrazzo for use in their Miami projects. We have a complete epoxy terrazzo system with epoxy resins that aide in the surface preparation process, including our Moisture Mitigation System that helps create a barrier against vapor transmissions in humid weather conditions. Our signature resin is our Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158, which when combined with any combination of marble, glass or shell chips, it yields a highly decorative flooring system. Furthermore, we have a precast department that designs some of the most beautiful terrazzo staircases, tiles, and countertops to complement any terrazzo floor.


→ Miami ranks among the cleanest cities in the United States. In order to keep Miami clean, air quality plays an important role. TERRAZZCO Brand epoxy resins were tested by third-party organizations to have low chemical emissions. With zero VOCs, our products help improve the overall indoor air quality for indoor spaces. Ask our Concord Terrazzo Company representatives how our green products can impact your terrazzo flooring projects in Miami.

Our Terrazzo Projects in Miami

Mango’s Tropical Cafe South Beach

Mango's Tropical Cafe Terrazzo Logo Design

Mango’s Tropical Cafe South is a prime example of the design capabilities you can create with epoxy terrazzo. The logo design incorporates a variety of colorful recycled glass chips which is bound to grab your attention at first sight.

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University Terrazzo Flooring

To make college feel more right at home, a colorful terrazzo design was installed in the lobby of this residence hall. Terrazzo can help architects elicit certain moods that are warm and inviting.

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College Epoxy Terrazzo Floor

Student unions are among the places on campus installing terrazzo. With terrazzo being easy to maintain and clean, the floor is well kept year round.

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