Terrazzo Glass

Terrazzo Glass

Terrazzo Glass

TERRAZZCO has been a trusted supplier of aggregates in the terrazzo industry. As the only terrazzo manufacturer to source, crush and process its own chips, we provide convenience and quality materials to contractors in need of terrazzo glass or marble chips for their projects. We offer a wide range of recycled materials in different sizes and colors. Check out the following recycled aggregates we crush daily:

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Terrazzo was created as an inexpensive flooring by Venetian workers during the 15th century. Traditionally terrazzo is made of a combination of marble, granite, quartz, and other decorative chips set in a cement binder. Since the 1970s and the development of epoxy terrazzo has there been an advancement in the type of chips used in terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo glass chips in particular.


Epoxy terrazzo is a non-porous flooring system that is ideal for high-traffic areas within commercial and institutional buildings. The flooring systems offer an infinite variety of surface colors, along with a wider range of aggregates to complement the marble chips such as shells, synthetic, and recycled glass chips.


Glass chips are used in either an epoxy resin or polyacrylate matrix, and adds vibrance yielding a more colorful and eye-catching floor design.

Terrazzo Glass Sizes

Most terrazzo manufacturers will carry aggregates varying in different sizes. Sizes at TERRAZZCO are available in fines, #00, #0, #1, #2, and #3.


Aggregates can go up to size #7, which is referred to as Venetian Terrazzo. If planning an epoxy terrazzo flooring, we do not recommend exceeding a size #3 aggregate due to the epoxy terrazzo floor being 3/8″ thickness.

Terrazzo Glass Colors

Glass chips range from clear to vibrant colors like cobalt blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, to dark colors like black and amber glass. Clear glass has its advantage as it is a translucent color that will blend in with the color of the resin of the terrazzo floor. There are also recycled mirror chips that reflects from a terrazzo surface. Glass chips provide a wider selection of colors for terrazzo contractors to offer their clients that they may not find in traditional marble chips.


Where do these colorful glass chips come from? Glass comes from waste facilities where glass bottles and wine bottles in various colors can be crushed into different sizes and reused to create beautiful seamless terrazzo surfaces. Terrazzo glass offers a recyclable component to epoxy terrazzo and prevents the glass from ever entering landfills.

Adding Terrazzo Glass to Your Mix Design

You can make your terrazzo floors more environmentally friendly by selecting an epoxy terrazzo system made entirely of recycled crushed glass chips. Whether you are designing a terrazzo floor, countertop, or stair design, glass chips have their advantages when it comes to sustainability. Using glass as the main component of your terrazzo floor can contribute to U.S. Green Building Council certified LEED points. One or two LEED points contributed to use of recycled contents.


A terrazzo contractor can install an epoxy terrazzo floor consisting of all terrazzo glass chips. For a stronger and more durable floor, it is advised to mix glass chips with marble chips.

Glass Terrazzo Floor

Projects Featuring TERRAZZCO Glass Aggregates

If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance floor system, then epoxy terrazzo may be the right choice for your building project. To highlight what we’ve mentioned so far, we’ll demonstrate the beauty and artistic styles of epoxy terrazzo flooring incorporating TERRAZZCO terrazzo glass chips.

Mirror Glass

TERRAZZCO crushes 100% post-industrial mirror glass. It is one of the most common recycled products we supply in modern terrazzo projects. When added to a terrazzo floor, the mirror glass chip sparkles across the surfaces.

Mirror Glass Terrazzo
Mirror Glass Terrazzo Floor

Clear Glass

Another common glass chip for terrazzo flooring is clear glass. This aggregate is perfect if you are looking to blend the aggregate with the epoxy color. For example, clear glass will appear red if a red epoxy resin is selected. Pictured is a healthcare facility. The mix design blends together clear glass with single-sided mirror and cobalt blue glass.

Clear Glass Terrazzo

Cobalt Blue Glass

Glass offers vibrant color choices. A favorite among flooring contractors is Cobalt Blue Glass. Pictured is a terrazzo floor with a logo design that utilizes Cobalt Blue Glass as the main component that adds beautiful details to the design.

Cobalt Blue Glass Terrazzo Floor
Decorative Terrazzo Design

Amber Glass

Amber Glass is also a common glass color used in terrazzo. Pictured is how the glass chip appears with marble chips in both a lighter and darker resin color.

Amber Glass Terrazzo
Amber Glass Terrazzo

Auto Green Glass

Focusing on other vibrant colors. Terrazzo contractors can find a variety of different shades among glass chips. Auto Green Glass is a lighter green glass that TERRAZZCO supplies. Pictured is a hospital lobby that utilizes Auto Green Glass as part of its overall floor design.

Healthcare Facility Terrazzo Design
Auto Green Glass

Other Glass Colors to Consider

TERRAZZCO supplies a wide color range for contractors to purchase. If a terrazzo floor calls for a specific shade of color, a TERRAZZCO representative can assist clients in obtaining a terrazzo chip. Here are other examples of projects the feature unique color blends.

Red and Yellow Glass Terrazzo

Red and Yellow Glass

Autoblack Glass Terrazzo

Auto Black Glass

Green Glass Terrazzo

Green Glass

Silver Coated Glass Terrazzo

Silver Coated Clear Glass

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