Complement your terrazzo floor with a matching wall base. TERRAZZCO custom designs a variety of wall bases for institutional, commercial, and industrial projects.


Traditionally terrazzo has always been an excellent choice for a beautiful and durable floor finish, yet today terrazzo is adding an appealing alternative to wall coverings.

Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures several profiles of wall base that can be designed to match any terrazzo or other flooring surfaces.


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Terrazzo Wall Base

Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures the following precast terrazzo wall products:

Straight Wall Base

Precast Terrazzo Flat Base

Cove Wall Base

Terrazzo Cove Base

Column Wall Base

Precast Column Base

 Column Covers

Precast Terrazzo Column Covers

Terrazzo Wainscots

Terrazzo Wainscots

Precast Wall Panels

Precast Terrazzo Wall Panels

Why TERRAZZCO Wall Base?

Concord Precast develops both flat and cove base profiles that protect the wall from damages and offers a seamless transition to the floor and wall. Flat straight bases are vertically-aligned to the wall. A cove wall base is similar to a straight base however it has a “toe” at its bottom edge. The edge can be curved, angled, or both at the top of the flooring surface. Along with other custom precast, wall base and coverings are a great option when considering the ease of installation, design flexibility, and durability. TERRAZZCO wall base is also a sustainable option backed by GREENGUARD Gold certification.

Epoxy Terrazzo Wall Base

Size Options and Thickness


  • 48″ Maximum Length


  • 3/8″ Thickness

Customization Options


  • Color: Any epoxy color


  • Wall Base Top Finishes: Flat Top, Fillet Top, Chamfer Top

Lead Times


Due to the customization of our precast terrazzo products, standard lead times are approximately 12-14 weeks. Production of any wall base begins when designers approve samples and a 50% deposit is made. The remaining 50% due prior to shipping of the product.

Terrazzo Straight Base


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