What is a Waterjet?

What is a Waterjet

Ever wondered how terrazzo artwork and logos are made? At Concord Terrazzo Company, our drafting and engineering team use a waterjet to create various designs for the terrazzo floor installation. The results are quite remarkable. Learn what a waterjet is and how we create custom templates for use during the installation process.

What is a Waterjet?


The drafters upload a file of a design for the machine to read. After the CAD file is uploaded and computed, a pump begins generating a flow of pressurized water. As follows, a cutting head accurately makes the first cut and begins to motions itself to cut at different angles, following the coordinates in the file’s design.

Waterjet Coordinates

CAD File Uploaded, detailing the design we want to create

How Does the Waterjet Process Work?


A waterjet uses a high-pressure stream of water for cutting material. To increase the cutting power, our drafters include an abrasive to the waterjet. As a result, this allows the machine to cut through thicker materials like steel or titanium. The most common materials that we use for terrazzo graphics and logos are aluminum, brass, and zinc.

What Can a Waterjet Cut?


Waterjets have the ability to cut almost any material. Among these materials are metals, stones, glass, rubber, and plastics. Since waterjets can create any design imaginable, it is used often by artists to cut out intricate shapes in various applications like jewelry. We use the machine to create school logos and other graphics to aid in the terrazzo floor design. So if you are looking for a detailed design to go along with any flooring surface, then a waterjet can create anything with its high-performance precision cutting.

Waterjet Graphics
Waterjet Template

Using A Waterjet to Create Terrazzo Designs


We collaborate with artists and architects in bringing their visions to life. Concord Terrazzo Company has an in-house waterjet system where we input design files to cut templates for terrazzo logos and artwork. Once cut, the design template is transported to the construction site where a contractor will form the floor layout and pour terrazzo in place. Take a look at some of our recent terrazzo designs.

Deer Creek Layout
Deer Creek Terrazzo Design
Elephant Waterjet Logo for Epoxy Terrazzo Installation
Elephant Design Terrazzo Logo

Concord Terrazzo Company supplies aggregates, manufactures precast terrazzo products, and produces epoxy resins as well.  Just recently we became an associate member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association. Need a creative design for your floor? Contact Concord Terrazzo Company today at info@terrazzco.com or complete our online form.


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